Pack Bagordi Young, 2022

Grape Variety: 85% Tempranillo, 10% Garnacha y 5% Graciano.

Vintage: 2022

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A Made using organic grapes, this wine is youthful, fruity and easy on the palate. Remarkably rounded and balanced. The minimal presence of sulphur dioxide means that the wine may truly be considered healthy and natural.

It also serves to proclaim our winery’s commitment and sensibility towards organic farming.

Tasting notes

Visual: Ripe cherry red in colour, full bodied, rim with violet flashes. Shows up clear and bright.

Nasal: Aroma of mature dark and red fruit, well balanced with touches of spices, clove and black pepper. Balsamic and understated.

Taste: Refreshing and full of flavour. The dark fruit is noticeable in the nose. Good structure with a lengthy presence in the mouth Noticeable flavour of wild berries such as cranberries and gooseberries matched and accompanied by the dry note of the tannins.

Best temperature: 16ºC a 17ºC


Bagordi Tinto