Oiasso Olive Oil

Pack of 3 bottles of oil

Cold extraction

Variety: 100% Arbequina.

Tasting score: 6.9 out of 8.

Colour: green.

Delivery times will be between 2 and 5 days.


Less than six hours pass the time the olives are harvested until they are processed. We use a mechanical system to collect the fruit to avoid the olives hitting the ground. Our extraction process is cold and is additive free. Storage is in nitrogen inertized tanks. Our extra virgin olive oil is made with organic Arbequina olives. This product has an acidity of 0, 15º and a life of two years.


Nose: Medium green fruity with aromas of walnut, green almond, artichoke and tomato.

Palate: Balanced medium bitterness and spiciness. Perfect as an accompaniment to meats, fish and salads.

Product features

Bitterness: medium balanced.

Sweetness: light. Spicy: medium. Fruity: medium green.

Aromas: green apple, grass, green banana, alloza and tomato.

Acidity: 0, 15º oleic acid. Peroxides: 3.10 mEq. o2/Kg. K270: <0,08

K232: 1,43

Humidity: 0.12%.

Waxes: 39.6 mg/Kb.