Pack Bagordi Rosé, 2023

Grape Variety:100% Garnacha.

Vintage: 2023

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The virgin must is cold macerated along with the red Garnacha skins for 18 to 24 hours. The must is then fermented at 18 degrees C. The natural yeast in the grapes takes care of turning the sugar to alcohol while respecting the natural aromas of red fruit. This process is favoured by keeping the skins separate from the fermentation process.

Tasting notes

Visual: pale pink, vibrant, clean, bright with a youthful violet like rim.

Nose: fresh, fruity. aroma that is suggestive of ripened acidic red fruit (strawberries, raspberries and forest fruits), rose petals along with a hint of natural carbonic gas all of which contributes to a refreshing sensation.

Taste: refreshing sensation in mouth coupled with some slight acidic notes in which one can detect the typical primary aromas associated with Garnacha. Prolongued aftertaste and balanced acids.

Ideal serving temperature 8°C

Bagordi & Gastronomy

This fruity and fresh wine, requires not very elaborate products, pasta, soft cheeses, some fish and certain seafood, so that the fruit is favoured accompanied by the vegetable notes. We suggest: Carpaccio of red tuna with tomato to the Pedro Ximenez


Bagordi Rosé