Pack Bagordi Maturana, 2021

Grape varities: 100% Maturana Red

Vintage: 2021

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After a careful harvest of our organic vineyards and a careful elaboration with a low temperature fermentation and a post-fermentation maceration, give this wine an extraordinary maturity.
Maturing for 12 months in French oak barrels, together with aging on the lees, gives way to a rest in the bottle, where it will remain in our bottle rack for a year.

Tasting notes

Visual: Intense cherry red high layer, with hints of violet, clean and bright with abundant tears.

Nasal: High intensity and aromatic complexity, spices, pepper, red fruits with acid notes, all perfectly integrated.

Taste: Great volume and structure, powerful and ripe tannins. Balanced acidity, presence of ripe fruit, and a balsamic aftertaste, leading to a very long and pleasant aftertaste.


Bagordi Maturana