Pack Bagordi Crianza, 2021

Grape Varieties: 80% Tempranillo, 20% Graciano.

Vintages: 2021

Ageing: 12 months oak barrel, 12 months bottle rack

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The grapes were harvested with great care and fermented using the latest technology. The wine was aged for twelve months in American oak barrels (the Crianza process) followed by at least one year´s bottle age. This is a wine that can last for several years and shall not disappoint.

Tasting notes

  • VISUAL: Deep cherry red with touches of violet. Clean and bright.
  • NASAL: Powerful aroma, persistent traces of ripe red fruit mixed with gentle hints of vanilla, cinnamon, and roasted coffee. The additional notes of balsamics and spices contribute to a well-rounded wine.
  • TASTE: Powerful structure, one that has not been diminished by the bottle age. Considerable degree of fruitiness matched by the flavour of the wood followed by a pleasant aftertaste of black liquorice.

Ideal serving temperature 18ºC a 19ºC

Note: Some sediment may form over the passage of time. This is of no consequence.


Bagordi Crianza