Navardia Graciano

Grape variete: 100% Graciano.

Vintage: 2014,2021

Ageing: 10 Months in french oak barrels

Delivery times will be between 2 and 5 days.


Careful selection of exclusive grapes from our oldest vines, less productive and ecologically grown make this varietal Graciano unique and balanced, combining features typical of the grape together with those of the soil and climate. Aging for 10 months in French oak barrels and later resting in our bottle aging hall, provide this wine with an elegant and attractive chromatic strength, highlighted by and intense violet colour and dyed tears.

Tasting notes

VISUAL: Outstanding intense blackberry and cherry colour, well covered. Trim with hardly any evolution.

NASAL: Balance fruit compote aromas, ripe berries (black berries, black currants, blue berries…) with balsamic notes and a coffee bean like ending.

TASTE: Tasty, lengthy and persistent. Outstanding tannins with toasted notes from a good barrel, being fruit the centre of attention

Ideal serving temperature 16ºC

Note: due to its peculiar manufacturing conditions, certain settling may eventually occur. Decanting is recommende

Tasting phase: Full and powerful fruit attack, well structured and tasty. Black and red fruit, spices and toasted notes on the finish with a long persistence.

Ideal serving temperature 16ºC 


Navardia Graciano