Bagordi Selected Vines

Varieties: 50 % Tempranillo, 30% Garnacha y 20% Graciano.

Vintage: 2020

Ageing: 6 months oak barrel, 6 months bottle

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Beginning with grapes from our best organic vines, we have then followed an extremely careful production process using the latest technology while respecting the natural characteristics of the wine. The wine is aged for six months in barrels of French oak followed by at least a further six months in bottle.


Visual: Deep cherry red colour, full bodied.

Nasal: Suggestive of ripe soft fruit such as strawberries and cherries, well blended with a roasted flavour resonant of oak, fruit compote and cinnamon.

Taste: Powerful sensation in the mouth and a generous presence of tannins which softens with bottle age. Prolonged aftertaste where, once more, the flavour of ripe red fruit stands out.

Ideal serving temperature 18ºC to 19ºC


Bagordi Vendimia Selecionada