Bagordi Reserva

Grape Variety: 100% Tempranillo


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The Rioja Regulation Council rated the 2005 vintage as excellent. The selection begins with choosing the best vines and is followed by the productionand ageing process 18 months in French oak barrels. Then, comes an extended period in bottle when the wine is laid down, all of which is designed to ensure an elegantand well-rounded product. In short, a classic Rioja.

Tasting notes

  • Visual: mid depth cherry red colour, clean and bright coupled with a good tear.
  • Nasal: the dominant note is that of balsamic and of spices such as those associated with fresh leather, toasted almonds, ground coffee, black pepper, and clove while in the background one can detect the aroma of ripe red fruit andcompote all of which help to smooth and round out the wine.
  • Taste: wellrounded in the mouth with velvety tannins. Once more, we are aware of the balsamic and the spices. Agreeable aftertaste.


Ideal serving temperature 18°C

Note: Some sediment may form over the passage of time. This is of noconsequence.

Bagordi & Gastronomy:

This wine goes fantastic with small game and stews, such as with hare, lamb or ox tail. Great companion to wellmatured cheeses (manchego), paella and broiled or grilled fish.


Bagordi Reserva