Bagordi White Oak Barrel Fermented

Grape varieties: 50 % Sauvignon Blanc y 50% Garnacha Blanca.

Vintage: 2022

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White Rioja wines are in a distinct mi­ nority. The varieties here are harvested in the cool of the day, separately: the Sauvignon at end August and the White Garnacha between end September and early October.

The must is obtained following a cold maceration with the skins. This is then stored in stainless steel tanks. The must is fermented at a temperature of  16 degrees C in 225 litre barreis of new French oak following a slow natural process that allows all the fruity character of the grapes to be retained while adding the tannic element and the aroma of the French oak.

Once the alcoholic fermentation is complete, the wine is subjected to a further six months’ maceration with the grape par­ ticles. It is also tumed once a week. Following that, the wine is filtered in order to stabilise it. It is then bottled.


Appearance: Pale Straw yellow in colour, clean and bright.

Bouquet: Powerful and attractive aroma suggestive of the sweet flesh of ripe fruit along with spicy aromas, of vanilla, of roasted coffee …

Tasting: A big mouthful.Simultaneous flavour of tannins and fruit. Elegant and prolonged in the nose with hints of pastries, of wood and of fruit. Its unc­ tuous, all-embracing, character is most attractive and elegant.


Ideal serving temperature: 15º


Bagordi white oak barrel fermented