Bagordi Garnacha

Grape variety: 100% Garnacha.

Vintage: 2019

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This is a grape that is well suited to the climatic conditions and the sometimes poor under-lying ground conditions of our vineyard. The fifty year old vines have become bent and twisted with the passage of time yet provide us with the best of grapes.

The grapes are picked and collected in small boxes so that the bunches reach the winery in the best    condition.    A careful production process, twelve months ageing in barrels of French oak followed by a period of over twelve months to acquire bottle age combine to make this a fine wine, one with abundant nuances.


Appearance: Deep cherry red colour, clear and bright.

Bouquet:  fruity and refined with a predominance of red fruits, strawberries and cherries and a suggestion of minerals in the background. The subtle hint of wood blends well with the natural expressiveness of the Garnacha grape.

Tasting: an impressively fruity and well-rounded wine, not unlike the sensation of having candy in the mouth. Gentle to sweet tannins that make it easier.

to appreciate the refreshing and agreeable flavour of red fruit followed by a pleasing aftertaste of fruit and tannin that is prolonged through the nose.

Ideal serving Temperature 16°C to 18°C


Bagordi Garnacha Crianza